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BROWN GIRL Jane is a Fine Fragrance brand anchored in heritage, wanderlust and masterful craftsmanship.

Created by three dynamic Black women with distinctly unique backgrounds, BROWN GIRL Jane marries the worlds of beauty and wellbeing through science-backed scent collections designed for mood and beauty.

We create fine fragrances designed to uplift, inspire, and transport your mind. Our master perfumers blend rare, global essences into unique scent compositions meant to evoke a certain mood or state of mind. We meticulously craft each perfume to enhance your outlook and perspective.

Every fragrance in our collection has a specific purpose - to provide a sensory journey that elicits joy and confidence, sparks imagination and motivation, or induces deep serenity. We design signature scents to help you feel energized, focused, uplifted or tranquil.

Through our award-winning artistry and commitment to quality, we bottle fleeting moments and desired emotions into portable, powerful potions for your mindset. Experience perfume engineered to lift your aura and outlook. Let our transportive scents inspire your days.


Inspired by the richness of diversity, our award-winning and solution-forward products are powered by clean, clinically-studied ingredients and luxuriously formulated to celebrate and support modern women.

Named as Refinery 29's Beauty Innovator of the Year and winner of Best in Beauty Awards by Instyle, Allure and Popsugar, we are on a mission to make fragrance functional and supercharged for self-care.